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How to start an online business without any investment.

Are u a student seeking to start up your own business with no money and zero investment? Is money a hindrance to you? Well, you don't have to worry about it anymore because technology and e-commerce have now made it easier for aspirants to start up their own business with zero or very less investments.

Here, in this article, u will learn about how to start an online business easily at home with zero investments.

1. Drop Shipping

Do you wish to set up an online business but don't know how and where to start or what to sell? what if you could sell a product or stuff without actually having the product in your hand? Basically, this is what drop shipping is all about, where u sell a product to a customer without actually having the product in your hand. All u need is a computer or a laptop and an online store or a website. U must also have basic marketing skills for selling online. Drop shipping is simple. U just need a supplier and resell the stuff of the supplier through your website.

For instance, u find a supplier selling an accessory worth 20$ in his website. All u need to do is to create your own website and list the same accessory for 30$ in your website. When the order comes through your website you will then place your order with the supplier using your customer's information, keeping the 10$ profit and shipping the order directly to your customer's website. Always provide the right things at the right time to your customers.

Some of the challenges which u may face while drop shipping may be finding credible suppliers with good quality products and making sure your website is visible to the customers.

If you are new to this click here and start your journey

2. Selling notes.

Note selling is a simple and easy method of earning money as a student, where u don't require any investments. Also, it will cost you no extra time or effort. Selling notes is an excellent and genius way of earning money. Not only will you be able to study and make notes for yourself but also you get paid for your hard work. All u need to do is to study and make notes and sell your notes online in a pdf format by quoting your desired price. You have many options and websites where you can sell your notes.

Here are 10 websites where u can sell your notes easily.











3. Free Up

A lot of people have plenty of used clothes and other stuff which is of no use anymore and pilled up at their homes. Free Up is an app, especially for those people who wish to earn money by reselling used items. It is cost-efficient and also frees up your home.

Apart from clothes you can also sell home appliances and items, cosmetics and products, both used and brand new. It is simple to use. First, u need to install the app from the play store. Then sign up and upload pictures of the products which u wish to sell. Then, select the category of your item like electronics, clothing, etc. Then determine whether the item is fragile, heavy weight, or lightweight, the material of the item, and so on. Next, you need to quote your price and upload it.

After u list your item on your page, your item will start to appear on other

users' feeds. In this way, an interested customer will buy your product. After a customer picks your item, u will receive the address of your customer after which, u can manually pack your item and dispatch it.

when u get an order for your item, u can select a particular date when you want to dispatch the item. A delivery agent will contact you on a fixed date and u can ship your product to your customers.

If you wish to earn money as a student, free up is just the right app for you where u not only earn money but free up your space as well as learn basic business skills.

4. Writing blogs.

Writing blogs is another fun and creative way for students to earn money while studying. But before writing, it is essential for you to know how and what to write in your blogs which will earn you money. Many people make a lot of mistakes when it comes to writing blogs and lose out. To earn money by writing blogs is an easy as well as a tricky job.

The first thing you need to do is to learn the basics of digital marketing. Without basic digital marketing knowledge, it is impossible to write what the readers want. Up next, you need to establish your own website. After getting a grasp of digital marketing knowledge and creating your website, next you need to know what the readers desire to read. Make quality content, which is original and based on facts. You need to be sure about what you are writing. If you are unsure about certain topics, it is better to do a deep analysis before just writing your assumptions.

Then you can earn money by putting up ads on your blogs and starting your own products and services and by affiliate marketing. And you are all set to go.

5. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is similar to drop shipping. In affiliate marketing, you act as an agent for a principal and sell his/her products to a customer. In this case, the person acting as the agent will be called the third party or the affiliates. The affiliate will be compensated and paid by the principal for his/her service.

Affiliate marketing can be carried out on any social media platform and website. It is a great tool for those youngsters who has a huge fan following on their social media pages like Instagram and Twitter. They can easily advertise products for the company or the seller and earn their fair share of income. In simple words, you get to sell somebody else's product and earn a commission. It will cost you no budget and investments. It is easy and simple to perform.

Let's say there is a company selling their product for 20$. You can advertise the same product to other people and after it's sold, you will be compensated for your part of your hard work. Affiliate marketing can be carried out by any means and platform. However, it is best to use social media platforms and websites for a better outcome.

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